1. Had a great time with my little buddy again!

  2. Too hot to sleep.

  3. My dog and I had some great fun shooting this photo yesterday.

  4. I’m currently sitting in my mancave, updating my website. Hopefully it will be up this week. Meanwhile, my buddy Cleo is enjoying the sun.

  5. Loop Tackle Norway sales rep. Kai Finbråten attaching a new fly to his leader. Kola Peninsula, Russia.

  6. Kola Peninsula, Russia. A really rainy day.

  7. Traces after pro skier Anders Backe.

  11. A quick snapshot from a trip to Hardangervidda, Norway (2012).

  12. Loop Pro Team member Tor Grøthe fishing in Sigdal, Norway. This photo was shot during work for Ørretens Rike.


  13. Badass brown trout (3.5 kg) at Kola Peninsula.

  14. Darren Lue (Ireland) fishing for brown trout in Scones, Kola Peninsula.

  15. Went for a quick walk. No moon tonight, beautiful sky.